About us

Branco is caters to get-up different type of motor applications from mechanical parts to industrial automation. Our low voltage motors meet the latest efficiency standard and stand for highest quality, reliability and compactness. Branco is optimally integrated into the drive train. They were perfectly harmonized for the use of inverter or various frequency drivers. Our range of products are based on one common global quality and design standard that derived from our Italy engineering roots which adapted to global market requirements since 2006. While we serve a very broad base of industries, our primary target markets are the Water, Fan & Blower, Pump and Industrial Machines.

Today, we are extending in your local market, comprehend your market's needs and also comply with local requirements and standards. Give a room for us to impress you on how our notable experiences and our boundless passion will intertwine your success with a new motor series specifically defined for the distribution business.